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HATA digital imaging NDT system is the only digital imaging NDT system using ...

Industrial LED x-ray film viewer

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Unique air passage design, fast heat dissipation, to ensure LED light source life...



QUAM industry X ray film for NDT is patented product of HATATEST...

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Magnetic Particle Inspection Equipment

Not only can detect surface defects, but also can detect deep defects, Max depth: 3mm.


Oil&Gas industry: HATA portable DR system has exact advantage for detection pipelines, pressure vessels, structural welds in oil and gas industry . Our Dr system makes it easy to detect defects, such as pores, cracks, lack of fusion, inclusions, etc., additionally accurately measure the wall thickness of pipes and corrosion condition.
In aerospace industry: Our products are mainly used in "high resolution turbine blade thickness detection, key point wax film thickness detection, composite plate bonding detection, corrosion, erosion, chemical grinding detection, etc."
In shipbuilding industry: HATA portable digital X-ray systems provide immediate results, on the other words, it is ideal for inspection of welding in shipbuilding process .
Electric power industry: For Electric power industry , mainly used in the detection of cable clamp.
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The main features of this system are that it can program different application interfaces and image processing programs according to the needs of users in different industries;By using high performance programming technology, make the operation interface simple and easy to understand, minimize the operation steps, reach the operator's final needs in the fastest way.

1.HATA'S Software can collect and analyse real-time image:The images can be shown/ saved/ magnified/ measured/ marked/strengthened and so on. The software also can adjust the luminance / contrast / acutance of images.

2.The software has database management function: all stored images can be input user’s name, date, time, category, location, file name, project name, imaging device type, transmission source category, exposure time and image description. The database allows you to observe the details of the image. It also includes fast storage, input / output, backup, and recovery functions; the storage format is in standard DICONDE format.

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The test is based on the principle is that: Acoustic phenomena, such as reflection, scattering, and transmission, are produced when the ultrasonic wave meet defect during it’s imperfections in the material.

According to the structure characteristics of the sample, the evaluation of the internal quality of the material by the change of the acoustic pressure or the sound pressure of the transmission wave on the surface of the material and the interface of the defect.A test sample for the double bond structure of aluminum sheet. The surface of the specimen is flat, the surface deformation is small, and the thickness of the specimen is thin. In order to detect the defects in the sample effectively, the transmission method and the reflection method are used to detect the defects. By comparison, the distribution of adhesive layer can be clearly seen through the transmission test results. Because the rubber layer is distributed in the form of ring, the sound transmission energy of the air is the lowest, followed by the glue, and the sound transmission energy is the highest.

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